Saturday, November 18, 2017

17th Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, and the people could careless what happens over there.   "They Volunteered for this War~"   This is what Trump said to the wife of the soldier killed in Niger.  "He knew what he was signing up for!"  I have been hearing this for 15 years so it is nothing new when our fearful leader says the same thing??  We have a Fowled up foreign policy with a fearful leader who is doing the exact same thing as Obomba and Baby Bush!   They are carrying the water for the Military Industrial Complex who are making a killing in this war.    They are the victors as long as the war goes on and have no end.   The losers are the soldiers who are killed, wounded, or commit suicide after 4 or 5 tours to the combat area.   Have a wonderful Turkey Day and ask your guests or bring up the subject of Afghanistan and listen to your tablemates say about the War! I am sure this subject will be changed quickly?   Let me know.   Joe 

Monday, November 13, 2017

As the war drags on this seems like a habit.  Just like Smoking  the War in the Middle East is a DRAG!     I think we need a 12 Step Program to end the War Habit that the U$A is in.  Only 9 months of this Millennium , we have not been at war!    That is long enough to have a baby!  I think these wars are misconceptions.   The Citizens of the U$A don't even know it is still going on. Maybe we need Civics to teach our children how our government works for the Corporations.  Maybe Lincoln should have said, The U$ Goverment is  For the Corporations, With the Corporations, Is the Corporations.  It will never perish from the earth without the permission for the Corporations.    As we can see there are no peace party, peace people in Congress or in fact not many people in the Streets marching for peace.  As I was told to be against the on going wars is very UnAmerican.    A woman told me that Afghanistan is a waste of money!   I would put the loss of life as a first priority.   The money for the wars is not being wasted.  The Military Industrial Complex is getting the Lion Share of the Cash!  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Peace is a DIRTY WORD!

As the holiday for Veterans fade away the war continues unabated for the military who is fighting it.   The Corporations are making a killing and the future looks bleak for the young who have to pay for it.   It is a brilliant way to keep a war going without end AMEN!    The vast majority of Americans don't know we are still fighting a war in the Middle East.   The MIC   (MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX) are making Hugh Profits!   I haven't heard of an audit of these industries or the Pentagon by the government!  The profits are put into overseas banks by the wealthy and they don't pay their fair share of taxes.   This way the common man pays the bills and lose their children!   They are the real losers of the war.  The Wealthy are the winners so why not keep this boom to the economy going for ever and ever!    I know from my experience in the Vietnam War that the only thing that stopped it was the faulting economy.  The Government ended the draft so by 1971 the major demonstrations against the war were over.  The Volunteer Force was coming in.   While in Vietnam draftees were sent home no matter how long or how short they served in Nam.    The April 1972 Offensive by the North Vietnamese was stopped by huge Bombing runs by the U$ Air Force that saved the South Vietnamese from total collapse.   I was able to get out of Nam alive because of the Easter Offensive was stymied.   So the seeds for the unending war was planted in the Minds of MIC!    The first Casualty of their plan was Gulf War I which "Kicked the Vietnam Syndrome from the American Military".   That war was too quick and over in 90 daze.    The Second Gulf War is a dream come true.   There was an off hand remark by the Captains of Industry of (MIC).  "Bombing of Syria is the ISIS on the Cake!"   "We can let these Wars Drone on and ON!   So with 4000 more soldiers going to Afghanistan, MIC is having the time of their lives.      As the Catholic Mass says at the end.  "Peace Be To You!" but only in the Pews!    Peace is a dirty word in the U$A!    The people might have impure thoughts when they think of Peace!   These impure thoughts are UNamerican since they might lead the people to protest like the 60's and help end the gravy train these companies have been riding on for their 17th year!

Friday, November 10, 2017

11th Hour 11th Day, 11th Month and still no Armistice for Afghanistan.  People think I am full of kaBULL when I talk about the War in Afghanistan.   It has cost us $`1.7 Trillion, 17th Year, 17,000 wounded Soldiers.   This is costing U$ an arm and a leg!   Now more Tax cuts are on the way?  The poor will pay for the war with their children and their money!   General Electric, General Motors, General Dynamics,and General Mills are the Victorious Generals of this war.  All the Losing Generals are now running the Country.  General Mad Dog Mattis and General Kelly is indited.   So we have a Leader in the White House who dropped a MOLAB Mother of all Bombs in Afghanistan and the war still continues.  We have 14,000 Troops there now.  The Air Force has no restrictions and this  leads to many more civilian deaths.    The German People said after WWII when there were 6 million Jews killed in the Concentration Camps??  "We didn't know it was happening!"    The American People when they found out that the U$ Military Killed 6 million people in the Middle East, will say the same thing!  "WE DIDN"T KNOW"!    I wonder what Websites they were looking into for the past 16 years??   Spiderman's I am sure??  

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Afghanistan War has been going on for 17 Veterans Day and unfortunately no Armistice Day!   I was told that to protest the War on Terror is UnAmerican?   What about the 1000's of people who protested the Vietnam War??  Were They UnAmerican.?   They saved my life since President Nixon pulled me out of Vietnam before my year tour was up.  SO those protesters saved my life.   Now I am out protesting the Afghanistan War for 16 years so I can save one soldier from getting killed in the Middle East.    It has been successful since I have been seen by millions of people over 16 years.   Hopefully they will protest  so the war will come to an end quicker than if I did not spend the last 16 year out on the Streets.   Happy Armistice Day!   We need an Armistice for the War on Terror!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Government has shut down.   Why not shut down the Afghanistan War!  This way we can save  some $$$$$ Save a Life, Save a Marine for his wife.   106 Soldiers have died in Afghanistan so far in 2013.  We have 15 months to go before the war is official over.  Unfortunately the war is over for 2272 U$ Military soldiers, hundreds of other Nato Troops and Thousands of Afghans.    The last soldier should have died in the war yesterday!    Who will be the last soldier to die for a mistake?    28% support the war and 90% don't even know the war is still going on????  What are you doing to end this insanity?  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I took a long time off because  I have retired 2 years ago!  The time goes by so fast and all I do is a half fast job.    Of course the Job of Retirement is like a man named JOB or a Job.   It is wonderful to find my Blog is still here.  I thought it was lost in Cyber Space.   I am sure there is not enough space for my Blog in the Cyber World???.    Now my subject for today Are the Wars America is involved in.  The most important War is the War against Apathy and Ignorance.    Most people will tell me.   When it comes to this war,  I don't know and I don't care????/     In the Vietnam War's 12th year was the height of the anti War Demonstrations.    1959 is when the first soldier killed on the Vietnam Wall.   The last was in 1975,but there was a 21/2 years without a death.      January ,1973 the Paris Peace Accords were signed by the North and South Vietnam!  All U$ Soldiers left Vietnam.   The Casualties in 75 were at the embassy as the American Embassy was being evacuated?   Why was that done on the last day as the North Vietnam Soldiers were pouring into Saigon????    This should have been done a few days before Saigon was overrun????      Well 1971 was a turbulent year in American Streets.   Students, Workers, Anti War advocates were pressuring the government to end the War.   The  American Streets are empty today of any one protesting the Afghanistan War.    The reasons are simple.   There has been no story of  the Afghanistan War in the News Media~!!   There is no draft for the military.   There is no Tax to pay for the war.   All these have combined to damp down any protests.   The soldiers now die at a lower rate than in Vietnam.    Although for the soldier who dies all this doesn't matter.   They died for a lost Cause like Vietnam, Lebanon 1983, and Iraq in 2011!     We have 16 months and 8 to 10 Billion Dollars A month until 2015 when the last combat soldier leaves.       How can we tell the last soldier killed in Afghanistan, that he died for a lie.   John Kerry used this quote about Vietnam!    Ironically the last soldier killed in Vietnam was from Woburn, Mass.