Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 1, 1939 was the first day of World War II in Poland. Today is the first day the American Army will not conduct combat operations in Iraq! Unfortunately there are 50,000 U$ service men in Iraq until next year on 31 Dec 11 when the last U$ soldiers are suppose to be brought home. Unfortunately Millions of People did not live to see 2 Sep 45 when the Japanese signed the treating ending World War II. Unfortunately there will be many U$ soldiers in Iraq who will not live to see the end of next year! I returned to the U$A from my tour of Vietnam in Oakland, California with a sign " Welcome Home the U$A is Proud of You!" in 1972! I wonder if the last combat brigades will have a sign like this when they return to the U$A? The American People were duped into this war with lies and now the war official ended with more lies. The taxpayers are still spending billions into Iraq while we are eating bad eggs. That is no Yoke! The soldiers killed in Iraq were buried in the wrong grave sites. The wounded soldiers were given substandard rehabilitation at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC. Multiple tours of combat in Iraq created a very high suicide rate among the soldiers. The Commanders of the units had to instruct the soldiers to watch for early indications of potential suicides among their buddies! Iraq still has not functional government. The last soldier has not be killed in this war yet? Remember on May 1, 2003, and the famous "Mission Accomplished" speech by President Bush! Obama is making an Instant Replay of his speech last night only 7 and a half years later.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iraq and Afghanistan

Combat Operations ended in Iraq on August 1st 2010. Yesterday a U$ soldier died north of Baghdad? Was this an accident or a combat casualty? May 1. 2003 was the end of the war in Iraq according to Commander in Chief G W Bush! The only real end of Combat operations will be when the last U$ soldier leaves Iraq! Leaving 50,000 soldiers in Iraq will lead to more combat deaths! The end of 2011 will be the day the U$ is required to have all the soldiers out of Iraq? Why not today be the end of combat operations in Iraq? I wonder what the last soldier to die in Iraq is doing now? Is he enjoying his last summer holidays before joining the army? Is she a reservist in some National Guard Outfit? How will that family feel when they receive the word that their family member will not be coming home alive? Why do U$ taxpayers have to pour $10 Billion a month into Iraq? The real question is why the American People are allowing this to happen?? This is a perfect example of what Smedley Butler's famous quote. "War is a Racket , Few profit the many pay! The big corporations are milking the last bit of profit from this war, before it ends. The American People are paying through the nose seeing their own economic situation crumbling before their eyes. That is if they have them opened to seeing what is really happening around them??? The U$ Tax payer and the American Military since 19th of March 2003 have been between Iraq and a Hard Place!
Afghanistan will send the most bodies back to the U$A this year than any other year of the 81/2war! The U$A is withdrawing from Afghanistan one body bag at a time. The protest against this war is muted due to the fact that we will withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011! The American People still believe the Afghans landed the planes in the World Trade Towers. "Fight them over there so we won't fight them here!" is the famous quote of the supporters of the war. We spend $708 billion in defense so how can 2,500 Al Qeader land on the West Coast and take over the country???? That is the only response that is out in the public to justify this disaster. When soldiers are brought back mangled by road side bombs they are quoted in the Newspapers, "I want to go back and be with my buddies!" Of course they want to justify why they lost arms, legs, and eyes. The public still want to blame Bush for the war. Who is signing the sympathy cards to the families in the White House???? Obama is playing the same role as our last President only with more troop. He is droning on and on in Pakistan! Now with the threatening posture with Iran the U$ seems to think that the Military has all the answers. The Military budget and Wars are the reason that the U$A economy is going down the drain. "Live buy the sword, Die buy the sword!" The U$A is buying too many swords. I am trying to get my point across. The end of the Soviet Union was through Kabul and the U$ is taking that same route! Afghanistan is Killing U$

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Full of KarBull

President Karzhai and President Obama are in a Love Fest in Washington DC! Let By Gones be Be By Gones! Obama was pointing the finger at Karzhai for a Corrupt Government! When ever you point your finger at someone, don't forget that 3 fingers are pointing back at you! Obama is the President of the most corrupt government in the history of the entire world. The amount of dollars stolen by defense contractors dwarfs any corrupted government in the world today! The bank bail out was another case of U$ taxpayers money stolen by the CEO's of these financial institutions that were bailed out! Now Obama and Karzhai have kissed and made up! In the 60's there was a slogan "Make Love Not War!" These guys are doing both,"Making Love and War" at the same time! Peace is never on their lips! How can a man send soldiers to die in a two wars that have pull out dates. 2011 in Iraq was too late for 27 soldiers killed there this year! 2012 is too late for a soldier killed everyday this year in Afghanistan. " Who wants to be the last soldier to die for a lie!" John Kerry in 1971! The more things Change the More they stay the same. Cows may come and Cows may go but the Karbull goes on for eternity for the Soldier killed there today and everyday until 2012!