Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 1, 1939 was the first day of World War II in Poland. Today is the first day the American Army will not conduct combat operations in Iraq! Unfortunately there are 50,000 U$ service men in Iraq until next year on 31 Dec 11 when the last U$ soldiers are suppose to be brought home. Unfortunately Millions of People did not live to see 2 Sep 45 when the Japanese signed the treating ending World War II. Unfortunately there will be many U$ soldiers in Iraq who will not live to see the end of next year! I returned to the U$A from my tour of Vietnam in Oakland, California with a sign " Welcome Home the U$A is Proud of You!" in 1972! I wonder if the last combat brigades will have a sign like this when they return to the U$A? The American People were duped into this war with lies and now the war official ended with more lies. The taxpayers are still spending billions into Iraq while we are eating bad eggs. That is no Yoke! The soldiers killed in Iraq were buried in the wrong grave sites. The wounded soldiers were given substandard rehabilitation at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC. Multiple tours of combat in Iraq created a very high suicide rate among the soldiers. The Commanders of the units had to instruct the soldiers to watch for early indications of potential suicides among their buddies! Iraq still has not functional government. The last soldier has not be killed in this war yet? Remember on May 1, 2003, and the famous "Mission Accomplished" speech by President Bush! Obama is making an Instant Replay of his speech last night only 7 and a half years later.

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