Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Afghanistan War is still going on Folks.     Over 2148 U$ Soldiers have been killed.   Many 1000's have been seriously wounded.   The Suicide Rate in the U$ Military for 2012 is one successful incident a day  and many attempts.   During my days in Vietnam there were many officers murdered by enlisted men. This was called "Fragging! "   A long protracted war with no end in sight is the perfect storm for self destruction.   The soldiers are like toys where the Pentagon sends them to Iraq and Afghanistan many times during their enlistments or until they break!   The American public believe the lines fed to them from the leaders in Washington.  "We are making progress and we will be leaving Afghanistan in 2014.    Then the Afghans will have to stand up to the Taliban on their own...   Al Qeada is never mentioned and neither is the American (contract worker or soldier)being killed today.  This 2014 pull out is much too late for her./him!  How many more soldiers need to die in Afghanistan.?   The Soviets left Kabul  after 8 unsuccessful years of war.  There have been comments heard on the streets.   "The Russians got  their butts kicked in Afghanistan!"   Unfortunately the triple Amputee who threw out the first pitch in the World Series didn't come home in tact after his tours of Iraq and Afghanistan?  The U$ will be leaving Afghanistan like the British, Soviets and Alexander the Great did in the cover of darkness so the Afghans won't shoot them on the way out.   That is what happened in Iraq almost a year ago.    At least there was a sign in Oakland Army Base saying to the Vietnam Vet.  "Welcome Home, USA is proud of you.   I didn't hear of any parades or celebrations with the last troops out of Iraq?   Unfortunately there will be NATO Soldiers killed in Afghanistan who were 3 years old when 911 happened in New York in 2014.    What Achilles said at the Wall of Troy after 10 years of war.   "By the way, what are we doing here!" This could be applied to the Afghanistan War.   Smedley Butler famous quote sums up the Wars in Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan.   "War is a Racket,  few profit and the many pay!"    How can the American people Stand Afghanistan!   10 Billion Dollars a month and 17 US soldiers killed there this month of October?       The Presidential Candidate did not talk about the war except for Ron Paul  The American People don't talk about this war as the few peace vigils have fewer people every year the war goes on.  Rod Serling would have a Great Twilight Zone Show.   "A 12 year War rages and the American People Ignore it's very existence!" 

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