Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I took a long time off because  I have retired 2 years ago!  The time goes by so fast and all I do is a half fast job.    Of course the Job of Retirement is like a man named JOB or a Job.   It is wonderful to find my Blog is still here.  I thought it was lost in Cyber Space.   I am sure there is not enough space for my Blog in the Cyber World???.    Now my subject for today Are the Wars America is involved in.  The most important War is the War against Apathy and Ignorance.    Most people will tell me.   When it comes to this war,  I don't know and I don't care????/     In the Vietnam War's 12th year was the height of the anti War Demonstrations.    1959 is when the first soldier killed on the Vietnam Wall.   The last was in 1975,but there was a 21/2 years without a death.      January ,1973 the Paris Peace Accords were signed by the North and South Vietnam!  All U$ Soldiers left Vietnam.   The Casualties in 75 were at the embassy as the American Embassy was being evacuated?   Why was that done on the last day as the North Vietnam Soldiers were pouring into Saigon????    This should have been done a few days before Saigon was overrun????      Well 1971 was a turbulent year in American Streets.   Students, Workers, Anti War advocates were pressuring the government to end the War.   The  American Streets are empty today of any one protesting the Afghanistan War.    The reasons are simple.   There has been no story of  the Afghanistan War in the News Media~!!   There is no draft for the military.   There is no Tax to pay for the war.   All these have combined to damp down any protests.   The soldiers now die at a lower rate than in Vietnam.    Although for the soldier who dies all this doesn't matter.   They died for a lost Cause like Vietnam, Lebanon 1983, and Iraq in 2011!     We have 16 months and 8 to 10 Billion Dollars A month until 2015 when the last combat soldier leaves.       How can we tell the last soldier killed in Afghanistan, that he died for a lie.   John Kerry used this quote about Vietnam!    Ironically the last soldier killed in Vietnam was from Woburn, Mass.       

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MoonRaven said...

Wow, Joe. I had no idea you retired. Congratulations! I hope you're enjoying your extra time.