Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Souls Day!

November 2nd is All Souls Day in the Catholic Church. This is the Day we Pray for the Dead! On November 2nd 2009 the number of Soldiers Killed in the Afghanistan War was 911! That is very ironic to have that number killed in Action in the 8 year going on 9 year War! Obama has a Huge Decision to make. 40,000 more soldiers to be shipped off to this War! 5 Soldiers of the English Army was killed yesterday by an Afghan police man! The Russians' have an expression. "The Road to War is Wide. The Road returning is Narrow!" As we can see the Afghan Politics and election was a sham! All I can see is that we are using a great domestic stimulus package program in our Foreign Policy. President CARzai is "Cash for Clunker!"

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