Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Health Care!

The U$A is very ill. WE need health Care to get better. We are addicted to War! One soldier killed is too many and 1000 is not enough. In Vietnam the soldiers could not tell the good Vietnamese from the bad ones. In the U$Army today is the same story. We can't tell the good Muslims from the bad ones. We are between Iraq and a hard place. The Health Insurance companies make out like Bandits. The Banks are robbing U$ Blind and Military Industrial Complex is reaping the Profits from all these Wars. The American People belong to the 4 H club. Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless and Haggard ! 34% of the wealth is owned by 1% of the population up from 27% of the wealth. The American people are suffering the first economic depression caused by a war! The Biggest Crime in U$ History kicked off 2 wars. I always thought the police were sent in to solve crimes not the Army! If we don't have some health care soon the U$ prognosis could be Bleak!

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