Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fall of the Wall!

Today we start the 21st year without the wall in Berlin. Now lets look at what East Germany lost. Free Health Care, an apartment, a job and free day Care. Education was free and the country was at Peace. The 21st Century U$A, Foreclosed housing , 10% unemployment, a Two Front War,(We won't drone on and on about Pakistan) that has gone on for over 8 years! Unaffordable Health Care, Day Care and Higher Education are the main stays for this Capitalistic Society! The U$A is spying on their citizens and torturing their prisoners! Who really won the Cold War?

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MoonRaven said...

Good points. I'm not sure I would want to live in East Germany--they also had a repressive government and a decided lack of freedom, but they also had a lot of good things and people fail to look at that--as well as all the problems we are creating for ourselves. We need to create a world where we support people, where we have health care, housing, and education for everyone--not to mention peace and liberty.

You end with a really great question--who won the Cold War? And what ever happened to that 'Peace Dividend'?