Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Bombs are dropping while you are shopping!

I hope you are keeping your New Years Resolutions??? Did you call your Congressman or Senators to end the War in IRAQ? If you didn't call then you are supporting Bush's War in Iraq! Maybe you like to do what you are told and go shopping while the Bombs are dropping. Remember that famous quote when Bush was asked, "What should Americans do to support the war effort?" The President's reply was, "GO SHOPPING!" Another famous quote from the General of the Third Infantry Division as they saddled up for their 3rd tour of Iraq! "America is at War!" An officer raised his hand and said, " I am sorry to inform you sir, that the U$ Army is at War! "The American People are at Malls!" Your silence is consent! Wake up and smell the Coffee! 3082 wakes is enough for a failed policy!!!!!!!!!!!

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