Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Winner and No losers only survivors!

The U$A lost 3019 soldiers in Iraq! The Iraqi people lost over 600,000 people since 19March03! Keeping the War going will continue the blood shed! The War in Iraq was lost with the first Casualty. The soldiers who die in Iraq never come back! Bush's says the way to save Iraq is to send more soldiers is trying to put out a fire with gasoline. If the American people let Bush send more troops to their deaths in this conflict,they are on a path to self destruction. The only winners in this war are the oil companies, war manufactures and the reconstruction companies working for the U$A in Iraq. They make the Profits and the soldiers pay the price.."Never have a land war in Asia!" General Douglas MacArthur! This is the Third War in Asia in 55 years. What happen to our people when it comes to learning History. If you don*t learn from History you are bound to make the same mistakes. We can go back to WWI to make the "Make the World safe for Democracy!" We lost 53,000 soldiers for that Brillant Idea! "U$A Wake up and smell the Coffee!" Just because I took off the uniform in 1972 dosen't mean I am not fighting for my country!

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