Friday, January 12, 2007


Saddam was a man who didn't give a Dam! His actions were soooooooooooo bad, He made every one REAL SAD! (Maybe he that's why he was given that Name) Saddam was Flying High in the 80's with the U$ matties! Rumsfeld shook his hand in Friendship with Bullets and Gas. Too Bad for the Kurds and Iranians, Saddam was a pain in the A_ _! Not a bad word was spoken about these Deeds. He was fulfilling all of the U$'s needs. No honor among thieves is the Word to the wise. Saddam went from Good Guy to BAD guy with Bush's Lies. U$. Ambassador April said,"OK to an Attack on Kuwait, this is a battle among Arabs and Fate!" Daddy Bush Changed his mind, Sent the World Coalition against him and pushed him out in fast time. Iraq was no place for a battle. The Coalition would spend months in the Saddle. George thought he could one up his Father. Lied about Saddam like a slithering adder! Warrior Presidents are always remembered! Tear Down Saddam Statue and Capture him in December! To the Arabs today, Saddam is a Hero! Poor little georgie is turning out like a Zero!!!!

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