Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh what a web we weave , when we first begin to deceive!

The American People love to believe in the Make Believe! We have our fairy tales like all cultures but they are from a political base! The number one example is "The Wizard of Oz!" This is a parody of the McKinley Administration. McKinley was the wizard. The Cowardly Lion was the politicians of the day. Mr Tin Man was the industrial Workers. The farmer was the scarecrow and yellow brick road was the gold standard. The movie has the ruby slippers but the story had the silver slippers for the Free Silver movement that would benefit the farmers. The witches were the Robber Barons of the day. Some were good like the witch of the North and the other was the Wicked Witch of the West! This started the U$A on the road to Imperialism. "Remember the Maine!" was the famous quote of the day. The Way Maine Goes so goes the Nation was not the Republicans sweep of the Presidential elections in the late 19th Century because Maine voted in September due to Storms. It was the Maine battleship that sunk in Havana! Our Country has been an Imperial Sinking Ship since then. Mostly due to Fairly tale slogans. We won the Spanish American War in 1898 in a few months with few casualties. The Casualties lost the war. They marched off in the beginning but were no where to be found for the final Victory Celebration....... We fought the Filipinos in their home country for a two year insurrection which murdered thousands of Filipinos and hundred of American Soldiers all because of the Maine. Then the First World War. "Make the World Safe for Democracy!" 53,000 killed Thousands more wounded. Then when we should have fought the Fascist in Spain.We stayed Neutral! Mainely ( no pun intended) we could not think of a good slogan for the war. The Socialist were anti Religion and anti Capitalist. I think the ladder(Corporate Ladder) more than the former had more to do with that. Plus the Capitalist knew there was bigger fish to fry when the Big WWII would be coming along soon . Why gain a little profit, and stop the Big War on the horizon. The Children in this country were collecting "Pennies for Franco!" in the schools of the U$A in the 1930'! The Capitalist were supporting the Right Wing in Germany after WWI. They feared Socialism of the Leninist style which would put them out of Business like Russia! So with their infinite wisdom they stayed out of Spain to keep the radical right gearing up the War Machines in Central Europe. IBM made a great profit from their key punch machines sold to the Nazi's. They were racking it in from their business transactions with the Fascists. After the Big One they moved on to the Cold War and the munitions makers were king. Worshipping the "A" Bomb was and Ideal way of making an honest living. The Capitalist were protecting us from Evils of Communism, while lining their pockets with your tax payers $$$$$$. The Red Scare that was used in the 20's was brought back in the late 40's and early 50's. A story that the people can relate too like Little Red Ridding Hood and the Wolf! Only this time it was the Bear of the USSR. The Tonkin Gulf was another Fairy Tale and we will fight them over their instead of Here. When did I hear that last????????? I think it was quite recently. The Communist take over of Grenada! Noriega the Drug King Pin must be removed. That was really dopey but we had a bunch of Americans and Panamanian people killed in the Military invasion,instead of a real police action. How about the Mayaquez the container ship captured by the Cambodians. Present Ford who has a better Idea send 41 marines to their untimely Deaths for a ship???????? Reagan helped the Christian Leader in Lebanon, but he was really the mayor of Beriut! 240 Marines were killed there in one day! Cut and Run was the word for the day. Then the battleship New Jersey fired shells into Lebanon killing many innocent civilians How to gain friends and influence people.............Our Latest fairy tale is WMD. "Not woman doctors"???????? Using the Same ideas as Vietnam, fighting them there instead of here, and support a government with a shelf life of 10 days after we finally leave, your government is spending your tax money and soldiers lives on the WWI SLOGAN ! "Make the World Safe for Democracy" is soooooooooooo 20th Century! As all great Empires fall from within, not looking at reality and believing Fairy Tales all have happy endings!!!!!!!!

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