Friday, November 10, 2017

11th Hour 11th Day, 11th Month and still no Armistice for Afghanistan.  People think I am full of kaBULL when I talk about the War in Afghanistan.   It has cost us $`1.7 Trillion, 17th Year, 17,000 wounded Soldiers.   This is costing U$ an arm and a leg!   Now more Tax cuts are on the way?  The poor will pay for the war with their children and their money!   General Electric, General Motors, General Dynamics,and General Mills are the Victorious Generals of this war.  All the Losing Generals are now running the Country.  General Mad Dog Mattis and General Kelly is indited.   So we have a Leader in the White House who dropped a MOLAB Mother of all Bombs in Afghanistan and the war still continues.  We have 14,000 Troops there now.  The Air Force has no restrictions and this  leads to many more civilian deaths.    The German People said after WWII when there were 6 million Jews killed in the Concentration Camps??  "We didn't know it was happening!"    The American People when they found out that the U$ Military Killed 6 million people in the Middle East, will say the same thing!  "WE DIDN"T KNOW"!    I wonder what Websites they were looking into for the past 16 years??   Spiderman's I am sure??  

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