Sunday, November 12, 2017

Peace is a DIRTY WORD!

As the holiday for Veterans fade away the war continues unabated for the military who is fighting it.   The Corporations are making a killing and the future looks bleak for the young who have to pay for it.   It is a brilliant way to keep a war going without end AMEN!    The vast majority of Americans don't know we are still fighting a war in the Middle East.   The MIC   (MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX) are making Hugh Profits!   I haven't heard of an audit of these industries or the Pentagon by the government!  The profits are put into overseas banks by the wealthy and they don't pay their fair share of taxes.   This way the common man pays the bills and lose their children!   They are the real losers of the war.  The Wealthy are the winners so why not keep this boom to the economy going for ever and ever!    I know from my experience in the Vietnam War that the only thing that stopped it was the faulting economy.  The Government ended the draft so by 1971 the major demonstrations against the war were over.  The Volunteer Force was coming in.   While in Vietnam draftees were sent home no matter how long or how short they served in Nam.    The April 1972 Offensive by the North Vietnamese was stopped by huge Bombing runs by the U$ Air Force that saved the South Vietnamese from total collapse.   I was able to get out of Nam alive because of the Easter Offensive was stymied.   So the seeds for the unending war was planted in the Minds of MIC!    The first Casualty of their plan was Gulf War I which "Kicked the Vietnam Syndrome from the American Military".   That war was too quick and over in 90 daze.    The Second Gulf War is a dream come true.   There was an off hand remark by the Captains of Industry of (MIC).  "Bombing of Syria is the ISIS on the Cake!"   "We can let these Wars Drone on and ON!   So with 4000 more soldiers going to Afghanistan, MIC is having the time of their lives.      As the Catholic Mass says at the end.  "Peace Be To You!" but only in the Pews!    Peace is a dirty word in the U$A!    The people might have impure thoughts when they think of Peace!   These impure thoughts are UNamerican since they might lead the people to protest like the 60's and help end the gravy train these companies have been riding on for their 17th year!

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