Thursday, November 9, 2017

Afghanistan War has been going on for 17 Veterans Day and unfortunately no Armistice Day!   I was told that to protest the War on Terror is UnAmerican?   What about the 1000's of people who protested the Vietnam War??  Were They UnAmerican.?   They saved my life since President Nixon pulled me out of Vietnam before my year tour was up.  SO those protesters saved my life.   Now I am out protesting the Afghanistan War for 16 years so I can save one soldier from getting killed in the Middle East.    It has been successful since I have been seen by millions of people over 16 years.   Hopefully they will protest  so the war will come to an end quicker than if I did not spend the last 16 year out on the Streets.   Happy Armistice Day!   We need an Armistice for the War on Terror!

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