Monday, November 13, 2017

As the war drags on this seems like a habit.  Just like Smoking  the War in the Middle East is a DRAG!     I think we need a 12 Step Program to end the War Habit that the U$A is in.  Only 9 months of this Millennium , we have not been at war!    That is long enough to have a baby!  I think these wars are misconceptions.   The Citizens of the U$A don't even know it is still going on. Maybe we need Civics to teach our children how our government works for the Corporations.  Maybe Lincoln should have said, The U$ Goverment is  For the Corporations, With the Corporations, Is the Corporations.  It will never perish from the earth without the permission for the Corporations.    As we can see there are no peace party, peace people in Congress or in fact not many people in the Streets marching for peace.  As I was told to be against the on going wars is very UnAmerican.    A woman told me that Afghanistan is a waste of money!   I would put the loss of life as a first priority.   The money for the wars is not being wasted.  The Military Industrial Complex is getting the Lion Share of the Cash!  

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