Saturday, November 18, 2017

17th Thanksgiving in Afghanistan, and the people could careless what happens over there.   "They Volunteered for this War~"   This is what Trump said to the wife of the soldier killed in Niger.  "He knew what he was signing up for!"  I have been hearing this for 15 years so it is nothing new when our fearful leader says the same thing??  We have a Fowled up foreign policy with a fearful leader who is doing the exact same thing as Obomba and Baby Bush!   They are carrying the water for the Military Industrial Complex who are making a killing in this war.    They are the victors as long as the war goes on and have no end.   The losers are the soldiers who are killed, wounded, or commit suicide after 4 or 5 tours to the combat area.   Have a wonderful Turkey Day and ask your guests or bring up the subject of Afghanistan and listen to your tablemates say about the War! I am sure this subject will be changed quickly?   Let me know.   Joe 

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